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Wine tasting

Wine tasting  is possible in our cellar from 12.30pm to 2.30pm for a minimum of 4 people and a maximum 12 people (depending on availability )

In order for us to organise your experience at it's best, we suggest you book at least 1 week prior.

The date will be confirmed depending on our availabilities.

Themed tasting workshops

The organic and natural wines - 125 euros
Because a viticulture that respects the environment and health is necessarily better. It is not about claiming  that organic wines are necessarily better than other wines. There are bad organic wines as there are bad but conventional wines. During the tasting you will discover the basic principles of organic viticulture so you can then make your own opinion. You will understand the winemaking principles of natural wine compared to a traditional wine. Guests will also have comparative tastings of various Corsican wines around Corsican charcuterie and cheeses.

Learning about Corsican vineyards and its wines - 85 euros
Corsica is one of the few wine regions with varied terroirs and grape varieties that give very different wines within each region. During the wine tasting devoted to the Corsicans, we'll discover some estate names, their characteristics, their land, their grape varieties and of course their wines. They will be selected according to their typicality and character and served with Corsican charcuterie and cheeses.

The secrets of Corsican rosé - around 85 euros 
The wine which could be named "King of the summer", is definitely the "rosé" . This wine has got a popular reputation. As gourmet and complex as the red and white wines, rosé is considered as the oldest wine in the world! 
Discover the fascinating history of these wines, their development, and their unique flavors.

Meet the Corsican grape varieties - 125 euros
Unable to penetrate the mystery of wine without addressing the vine variety which gives it birth. Associated with the soil, the weather conditions and the human expertise, the variety of the grapes determines the primary aromas of the wine. Among the 300 most well-known varieties, this workshop focuses on five grape varieties vinified in Corsica: Sciacarello the Niellucio, Vermentino, Barbarossa, the Carcaghjulu Neru, Muscat small grain. This workshop gives you the foundation to identify a variety and therefore, in most cases, the region of origin of the wine, enough to impress your entourage. This discovery of wine varieties will be served with Corsican charcuterie and cheeses.

The story of young Corsican winemakers - 125 euros
Follow the Corsican wines route, where the sun-kissed grapes give bodied wines and gourmet scrubland accents. These vineyards saw the birth of a generation of young talented winemakers, that you must absolutely know about. Discover their history, how they started, their passion... then you will taste their wines and judge for yourself the work of these young passionate winemakers.

Corsican chocolate and wine - 125 euros
Of all the wine pairings, the marriage of a wine with chocolate is one of the most gourmet. An unexpected pairing and easy to reproduce, it will delight your taste buds. We will also be explaining the process of chocolate cocoa processing, and giving you more information about the wines that you will be tasting... 

Red Corsican wines - 85 euros
Light, fruity, spicy, powerful, tannic, are just some words to describe the sensations you will feel during this fun and friendly workshop. We will discuss red wines, how to taste them, their main varieties... You will discover them around local charcuterie and cheeses.

The Corsican wine and cheese - 85 euros 
Red or dry white, or even sweet... Wine's inevitable companion is cheese. But cheese can be difficult...Turbulent and sometimes elusive, wine knows how to mellow it down...The wine and cheese tasting will be focused around further explanations. Get ready for this union!

The white Corsican wine - 85 euros
Dry, mineral, fruity, mellow, sweet...Finally put the right words on your sensations during this fun and friendly workshop. Different white wines, how to taste them, their main varieties will all be discussed during the tasting...You will discover these wines around charcuterie and cheese.

Please note this activity won't be available from the 1st of July until the 31st of August.

Brasero Evenings at the Beach Restaurant

Exclusive - Cool & Chic !

Are you looking for a relaxed dinner, closer to the water or to the stars, barefoot?  Here it is!  Welcome to our brasero evenings at our beach restaurant. 
 It's until end of August only: Ready, Steady, Go!

Menu at 79€ per person including:
  • Homemade Cocktail of the day
  • Selection of Summer Tapas 
  • Brasero of meat and fish (cut into thin slices to be grilled by oneself) 
  • Salad and potatoes 
  • Dessert 
Open only 3 evenings during the week until Saturday September 2nd,2017: 
Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays 

  - Please book prior by calling 04 95 73 05 58 - 

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