About Corsica

Corsica – the mountain in the sea split into two distinct sides. It sounds poetic, but it is actually historic. A history of love and hate, a history of men, battles for land and the survival of the people. A history that is written in the granite of the Bavella Needles, on the Ospedale pathways. 

A history that is carried in the rivers and the streams, narrated by the wind and the mists. It is this history that we, at the Hotel Capu Biancu, near Bonifacio, wish to reveal. Beyond just tourist attractions, we offer you real encounters. Encounters with an island, a culture, with men and women.

Out and about

There is a plethora of possibilities for those wishing to discover the island’s secrets: hikes and horse-back trails in Corsica, 4x4 wheel-drive and quad tours, canyoning, high-ropes courses, botanical walks and more. Whether you are looking for fun, cultural or sports activities, there is something for everyone.

Lazing about at the hotel

Ever think naps are just for children and seniors? If only you knew how revitalizing this rest can be! It is as essential as air, as refreshing as water. Our “siestodrome” will rid you of all your doubts, all your inhibitions. Anyway, enough talk… shhh! It’s siesta time!

Working out at the gym

They say sport makes you happy. When it is done at your own rhythm, in an enchanting setting and with modern equipment, it can provide elation and well-being. Open the doors to our gym and discover an unconventional, yet deeply relaxing, hideout.

Located below the terrace of the bar when you want to go to the beach. 


Let's discover the golf courses around! We are please to offer you a special rate in 2 exceptional sites: Murtoli and Sperone.

Please ask the reception for further information. 

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