Zen and muscular


U Capu Biancu also thinks of your body! A fitness room open to the sea is available 24 hours a day.

Enter the WaterRower world, finally a silent, soothing sports session powered by your human energy only.

Des appareils à la pointe !


There are 3 exercise positions: the spinning position, the running position and the sitting position with the back straight. The NOHrD bike is designed for maximum comfort in each of its positions. Work on your cardio, endurance and strength.

A rower

Technology based on the principle of water resistance and specifically designed to reproduce the physical dynamics of an oar that slides on water. Silent, only the beat of the water is perceptible for a 100% well-being atmosphere.

2 treadmills

Do we need an engine to run? The Sprintbok is a high-end non-motorized wooden treadmill. It provides a unique running sensation and a natural stride indoors.


Dumbbells swinging in wood and natural leather. Their unique design combined with the noble materials used in their design take the user into a new environment: a soft, warm and natural atmosphere for a feeling of well-being during your fitness sessions.

Yoga session

Uniting body & spirit for a truly zen vacation

Dare to slow down, to regain intimacy with your body: breathe fresh air, nose to the breeze!
A true rejuvenation to reconnect with your self and with the world through the simplest of tools: your own breath.
Jean Pierre, our yoga coach, specialist in krya-mudra invites you to join him twice weekly, all levels welcome.

Private sessions available by request.

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