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A whisper, a breath, a soul, the soul of the stones. The soul of the elements, the wind, the sea, and the Maquis shrubland of a city – Bonifacio, white and majestic. In this corner of the world, considering that materials and forces have a soul is not just a pipe dream. How could it be otherwise?

The 4-star hotel in Bonifacio resembles the land that raised it: bright, natural and wild. It is a complex world where clarity, gentleness, roughness and paradox live side by side. Luxury is felt, not seen. Authenticity can be tasted, as sincere as it is flirty. Serenity is experienced, intensely, profoundly. You can discover our hotel by clicking on the video

It is a magical theater with various services such as:
An uninterrupted view of the bay, a fairy-tale landscape;
28 rooms and 14 suites, all air conditioned, with a unique decor and unequaled comfort;
Two secret beaches, intimately set up for visitors from June to September;
A heated swimming pool and a well-being center, entirely dedicated to spoiling you;
A lounge bar, a gastronomic restaurant and carvery, worlds of bliss and love of good food;
A beach restaurant, "La Paillotte", for great times with friends or family; 

The respect

We want our customers to respect the surroundings and not spoil this beautiful, virgin landscape.
Please do not throw bottles, wrappers, cigarettes and other waste through your room window or from your car. Bins have been provided for this purpose.

Please do not throw sanitary napkins, condoms or other objects in the toilets, as they disrupt our ecological water treatment system.  As we do not have traditional drainage facilities, we take care of our used waters ourselves using reed plantations as filters. The proverb ''Your freedom ends where the others' begins'' is meaningful as those who do not care should meditate on these famous words. As an illustration, here are a few examples of rude behaviour: talking loudly in the corridors in the evening or during the day, not supervising your children or pets and disturbing other people. 

Moreover, the hotel staff must be respected in all circumstances.  We shall not tolerate any breach in politeness towards our employees. Serving you does not mean being servile. Out of respect for the other guests, clothes should be at least decent. In the evening, elegance is required at the restaurant. During the day, please refrain from walking in swimsuits or entering common areas without a shirt, except in the swimming pool area and the beach. However, we make an exception for bombshells. So that you can enjoy the best of nature, we have reduced the number of parking spaces. You may leave your car keys at the reception and we will park your vehicle for you.

The Corsican maquis is mythical, strong and unfathomable. Its essence resembles Corsican men as they are highly combustible. Please be always aware of this aspect within the hotel as well as outside.

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Hôtel ****U Capu Biancu
Domaine de Pozzoniello
20169 Bonifacio
Tel: +33 (0) 495730558
Fax: +33(0) 495731866
Email (reservation/reception): info@ucapubiancu.com

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