With view

At the beginning and end of the season

At the beginning and end of the season

Lunch on the terrace of the panoramic restaurant

One season, one menu. A proverb? No, more of a philosophy to which we’re deeply, viscerally attached. An ethic revealing freshness and authenticity. Wonderfully varied salads, pasta al dente, fish tartare, brocciu cheese omelettes made from our hens’ eggs, Haut-Taravo cured meats, etc. Everything here breathes in Corsica, takes in its scents, and exudes its aromas for you.

Service from 12h00 to 14h00

From mid-June through mid-September

From mid-June through mid-September

The beach restaurant "La paillote"

Freshness and simplicity: two absolute ingredients, essential for our culinary alchemy. They colour our springtime and summery salads, brighten our pasta dishes and spice up our grill. They’re the quintessence of a place where the eyes feast as much as the palate.

Open from 12:00 noon to 2:30 pm from mid june to mid september & from noon to 3:00 pm during mid summer.

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