Together for sustainable and responsible tourism!

Together for sustainable and responsible tourism!

Corsica is a beauty, is it not? At least today. But what about tomorrow?

Did you know the island’s population literally explodes in summer, going from 300,000 inhabitants to 3 million. Can you imagine the environmental impact of such an influx ? 

It’s each of our responsibilities to work to protect this Mediterranean pearl. Ours, as island hoteliers, and yours, as visitors who appreciate the magic of this place.
We are aware that we have a role to play. More than that: we’re deeply convinced! Perhaps it’s in our DNA…the DNA made up of love and respect for Corsica that this hotel’s owners have transmitted. It’s that DNA which pushes us to work towards a sustainable tourism. To work inseme, together, and to prove to the whole world that it is possible.

You might be thinking about that song “Parole, parole, parole”. Think again, we are making it happen with our actions!

In the Corsican language, "respect" is said to be "rispettu". And it's not an empty word. Rispettu has become more than a word. It’s a real eco-hotel program to which we immediately signed up. By signing the charter for this eco-responsible program, we are committed to respecting our environment and to dedicating a large budget each year to protecting it.

Admittedly the challenge is a great one: protecting nature without affecting your comfort. That is why we need your help. We need you to agree to give up some habits. We ourselves commit to:

In the hotel

Sensitize our teams

and instill in each member a deep ecological conscience.

Apply a specific charter

to each service subject to concrete objectives.

Sort and reduce waste,

manage glass, compact boxes. The long-term goal is to eliminate plastic and the use of single-use products

Use LED technology,

install presence detectors and water flow reducers

In the kitchen

Offer a cuisine

made up of raw products, mostly homemade, with organic flours for the preparation of your bread at the table and at breakfast.

Reduce the distance between

the producer and our cuisine day after day (ex: replace the salmon with Bonifacio grouper smoked by us)

Develop a black list

of products unfit for consumption (eg all chemical colors, use of natural sugars in our pastries)

Naturally eliminate

organic waste, giving it to our hens as an offering in exchange for fresh eggs and without any "packaging"

At the restaurant

Highlight the wines

of our mainly organic terroir

Remove all

disposable glasses and all straws, even those that are biodegradable!

Remove the toppings

by investing in wooden furniture in the restaurant that it would have been a shame to hide

Use reusable glass

bottles and a local micro filtered water system. So neither plastic nor CO2

In the gardens

Water our gardens

by promoting a wastewater recovery system

Ban chemical fertilizers

from our gardens and limit evaporation by sprinkling chips

Plant our own aromatic

plants on the estate. Those that flavor the chef's dishes and the bartenders' cocktails

Growing fruits

and vegetables thanks to the creation of an agricultural company annexed to Capu Biancu, Capu Verde

In room

Use soap

and shower gel dispensers made with 100% natural products and Corsica fatt'in in bathrooms

Adopt responsible

behavior regarding the change of linen, letting you judge the relevance of this change during your stay

Use mostly biotechnological

household products, tested by an innovative cleaning system with ozonated water, ecological and economical

Installation of

selective sorting bins in the room and in household carts

We have big dreams

We dream of sincerity, love, peace. We dream of respect, beauty, safeguard.
We dream, because we are a little chauvinistic, that the land of Corsica, this land that we passionately love, is a model in this area.

So this winter we organized an Energy Audit which provided us with the keys to a radical change in terms of energy, this project will be implemented in the coming years, we will obviously keep you informed of our achievements.

We have acquired agricultural land, a few kilometers from the estate, created an agricultural company: "Capu Verde", where it already grows delicious strawberries and on which our fruit trees, planted this year, flourish perfectly.
We will not stop there! The land is large and requires some agricultural work to achieve market gardening in permaculture whose treasures will soon be found on your plates.

The road is long, it's true. It is full of pitfalls, it is true, but that is the meaning of the hotel industry of tomorrow.

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