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There is something else we are thinking about: don't get bored. Never! So we vary our menu. Depending on the arrivals, the seasons, the chef’s mood as well. We play with fish, meats, fruits, vegetables, spices. Each week, dishes give way to others. Without ever being adorned with flourishes or other embellishment. Keeping the simplicity and authenticity of our house.

You know, U Capu Biancu's table is prized; whether or not you live in a hotel, whether you are passing through Corsica or living there, you come to seek taste, authenticity and friendliness. And often, if not always, the restaurant is fully booked. So yes, it is important that you reserve your table, and that you do it before noon. Because you also know: to receive is to foresee. And to predict is not to waste. Our “recycling” hens? Admittedly they revel in unconsumed food, but from there to turn them into fluffy hens ...!

Price of the daily menu, surf, turf and verry with 3 courses menus to be confirmed at the reception or at the restaurant
"A la carte" choice among the three menus without forgetting the essentials of the duo of chefs is also possible

Reservation unavoidable before noon.
Service from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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